1. Love them all, though looking at the current state of the media, ‘No Fibs’ just says it all about you guys, cuts through all the crap & sums up what you do in 2 little words :)

  2. Harry de Wortel says

    What Noely said. Plus it fits with the name. And it’s fun.

  3. Robert Bettinzoli says

    Don’t want to appear a follower but Noely took the word right out of my mouth,”no fibs”would be a nice change to what we have been getting.

  4. Yep, Noely, Harry & Robert, I agree with you all. Pity tho, lies could have been a bit stronger, but probably a bit too confrontational LOL

  5. robyn taylor says

    i’m thinking ‘fibs’ is too gentle a word for what is happening in politics today

  6. No fibs, a bit too gentle but that’s OK.
    All good Margo, go for it.

  7. Fibs is perfect. Lies is confronting, BUT, more importantly, the use of Fibs, just shows how polite & classy we are at AFHP and not lowering ourselves to the same level as the ‘others’ ;-)

  8. AFHP logo: The winner is First Dog on the Moon