#IndependentsDay candidates

Independent Member of Indi Cathy McGowan MP and Former Independent Member for New England Tony Windsor. Photo: Wayne Jansson


Jeremy Miller (@JeremyforLyne) is the independent candidate for Lyne and comes from a background in media.
Miller began his campaign travelling across the electorate ‘holding kitchen table conversations’, pioneered by Voices For Indi in 2013.
Rob Oakeshott held the seat between 2008 and 2013 and has been held by National David Gillespie since 2013.

11.6% margin
Area: 16,099 sq km
Location: Mid-North Coast NSW
Australian Electoral Commission seat profile
Divison of Lyne on Wikipedia
Jeremy Miller: website
Independent @Jeremyforlyne taking on The Nationals for the seat of #LyneVotes: @margokingston1 #Podcast


Albury Mayor, Kevin Mack (@Mack4Farrer) is the very strong independent challenger in, Sussan Ley’s safe Liberal seat of Farrer.
Ley is a former member of former Prime, Minister Turnbull’s Cabinet.
Ley became embroiled in an expenses scandal in January 2017 and resigned from the front bench shortly after.

20.5% margin
Area: 126,590 sq km
Location: South West NSW
Australian Electoral Commission seat profile
Division of Farrer on Wikipedia
Kevin Mack: website


There are 3 quality independents running in the safe Nationals seat Mallee, Ray Kingston (@MalleeRay), Cecilia Moar (@MoarforMallee) and Jason Modica (@modica4mallee).
Current Member Andrew Broad announced he wouldn’t re-contest in the wake of the #SugarDaddy Affair.
The new Nationals candidate is Anne Webster (@AnneWebster2013).

19.8% margin
Area: 81,962 sq km
Location: North West Victoria
Australian Electoral Commission seat profile
Division of Mallee on Wikipedia
Ray Kingston: website
Cecila Moar: website
Jason Modica: website
#IndependentsDay lighting the regions this #ausvotes from one of #auspol’s safest conservative seats: @MalleeRay comments on his #MalleeVotes run


Climate action independent Huw Kingston (@Huw4Hume) is challenging Liberal government Energy Minister, Angus Taylor.
Kingston is opposing the Adani coal mine and supports a target of 60% renewables by 2035.
Kingston is calling for a national Royal Commission into the Murray-Darling with the potential inclusion of other ailing river systems.

10.2% margin
Area: 17,240 sq km
Location: South West NSW
Australian Electoral Commission seat profile
Division of Hume on Wikipedia
Huw Kingston: website


There’s two independents taking on former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott in his Sydney seat of Warringah.
Abbott is widely seen as the leader of the Liberal Party far right and community lobby group GetUp! is strongly campaigning in the electorate.
Standing as independents are former Olympic and World Champion skier, Zali Steggall (@zalisteggall) and former television executive producer, Susan Moylan Coombs (@smoylancoombs).
The Good Weekend recently reported when asked what annoyed them about, Abbott the 2013 scandal when he was forced to repay $9,400 he charged taxpayers promoting his book, Battlelines (#BattleRort) was still high on voters the list.

11.6% margin vs GRN
Area: 68 sq km
Location: Lower North Shore & Northern Beaches Sydney
Australian Electoral Commission seat profile
Division of Hume on Wikipedia
Zali Steggall: website
Susan Moylan Coombs: website


Former Liberal Party member Oliver Yates (@_Oliver_Yates)
is running against Liberal and Coalition government Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.
Yates is also the former head of the federal government’s green bank, he has described Coalition government climate policies as “immoral” saying they “knowingly and willingly inflict damage on others”.

12.8% margin
Area: 55 sq km
Location: Inner East Melbourne
Australian Electoral Commission seat profile
Division of Kooyong on Wikipedia
Oliver Yates: website


Alice Thompson (@Indy_Ally) is the independent candidate for Mackellar and wants to provide leadership, vision and a more ambitious climate action plan that business will support.
The seat is held by Liberal Jason Falinski.
Falinski won Liberal pre-selection in 2016 ousting former Member, Bronwyn Bishop.

15.7% margin
Area: 233 sq km
Location: Sydney’s Northern beaches
Australian Electoral Commission seat profile
Division of Mackellar on Wikipedia
Alice Thompson: website
Step out from behind #auspol partisan #battlelines and serve the national interest: @Indy_Ally comments on her #ausvotes bid for #MackellarVotes


Rebekha Sharkie (@MakeMayoMatter) of Centre Alliance (then Nick Xenophon Team) won the seat of Mayo in 2016 when she defeated her former boss, Jamie Briggs.
Sharkie resigned from Parliament due to eligibility issues after a High Court ruling went against Labor’s Katy Gallagher.
At the 2018 by-election that followed, Sharkie defeated a member of Australia’s most (in)famous political dynasties, Georgina Downer.
Downer is again contesting the seat and has already made headlines after handing the recipients of a government grant a huge cheque with her name on it, at a ceremony the current Member was excluded from.

15.06% margin vs Lib
Area: 9,135 sq km
Location: South East of Adelaide
Australian Electoral Commission seat profile
Division of Mayo on Wikipedia


Current Member Cathy McGowan (@indigocathy) won the safe Liberal seat by a mere 439 votes (0.5% margin) from, Sophie Mirabella in 2013. McGowan is supported by grassroots community group, Voices For Indi (@voicesforindi).
At the 2016 election, McGowan again beat, Mirabella increasing her margin by 4.4%.
McGowan is not re-contesting the seat and is supporting Voices for Indi backed independent candidate Helen Haines (@HelenHaines1).

4.9% margin vs LIB
Area: 29,187 sq km
Location: North East Victoria
Australian Electoral Commission seat profile
Division of Indi on Wikipedia
Crossbench shares common ground not votes: @indigocathy comments on #IndiVotes leadership and #IndependentsDay hopes for @HelenHaines1
Helen Haines: website
Cathy McGowan: website


Independent Adam Blakester (@adamblakester) is running in, Barnaby Joyce’s National seat of New England.
Climate change and water are a huge issues (and intrinsically linked) in the seat as evidenced by the recent NSW election result.
Former Member Tony Windsor recently said on Twitter: “@adamblakester is a very decent,caring and forward thinking man with a real capacity to work with community to solve issues and channel energy. He has strong views on governance in business,community groups and government. New England is fortunate to have a person of this calibre.”

8.5% margin vs IND
Area: 66,394 sq km
Location: North East NSW
Australian Electoral Commission seat profile
Division of New England on Wikipedia
Adam Blakester: website
Adam Blakester the Independent running against Barnaby Joyce with @CharliCaruso #podcast #IndependentsDay #NewEnglandVotes @Barnaby_Joyce


In 2018 Peter Dutton led two challenges against then Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull the second leading to, Scott Morrison becoming leader of the Liberal Party and Prime Minister.
Turnbull resigned and a by-election was called in the seat of Wentworth which was won by, Kerryn Phelps (@drkerrynphelps ) defeating Liberal candidate, Dave Sharma.
Sharma will again contest the seat against, Phelps.
Refugee human rights was one of three main issues at the Wentworth by-election, Phelps led the cross bench charge for refugees held in detention on Manus and Nauru to be medically evacuated when in need of medical care that could not be provided in those locations.

1.2% margin vs LIB
Area: 38 sq km
Location: Eastern Suburbs Sydney
Australian Electoral Commission seat profile
Division of Wentworth on Wikipedia
Kerryn Phelps: website


Rob Oakeshott (@RobOakeshott1) was the independent Member for Lyne from 2008 until he retired in 2013.
National Luke Hartsuyker is the current member but will not be re-contesting the seat of Cowper.
Patrick Conaghan will be contesting the seat for The Nationals, he is a solicitor and former police officer.
Conaghan represented George Calombaris during his court case resulting from charges when he punched a soccer fan, the case took place during the fallout from revelations, Calombaris underpaid his workers by $2.6 million.

4.6% margin vs IND
Area: 7,296 sq km
Location: Mid-North Coast NSW
Australian Electoral Commission seat profile
Division of Cowper on Wikipedia
Rob Oakeshott: website


Anthony Pesec’s (@AnthonyPesec) running for the ACT Senate where Senator, Zed Seselja must re-contest his seat.
On his website Pesec says: “I believe strongly in tackling the big issues of our time like climate change whilst also giving Canberra the real voice that it deserves in the Australian Senate”.
Labor’s Senator, David Smith (@SenDaveSmith) must also re-contest his seat.
Smith replaced Katy Gallagher after the High Court ruling she was ineligible to sit.
They Vote For You website assessed, Seselja “voted strongly against treating government action on climate change as a matter of urgency“.
Despite a pledge to honour the results of the same sex marriage plebiscite saying on Facebook “If the people vote yes, I will vote yes”, Seselja was absent for the historic vote in Parliament.
Anthony Pesec: website
Canberra Nippers founder and keen #auspol follower throws support behind @AnthonyPesec’s #ausvotes challenge for Seselja’s #SenateACT spot: @BethanyinCBR comments

Kerryn Phelps election night party #WentworthVotes. Photo: via Guardian AU