Kate McBride calls for change in river country: @Jansant #FarrerVotes #Watergate #podcast

Kate McBride walking in the dry bed of the Darling River. Photo: Tony Hill

Kate McBride is a fifth-generation pastoralist and the daughter of Rob McBride, owner of Tolarno Station (@TolarnoStation) at Menindee in Western NSW.

Together with her father she brought the ecological disaster unfolding on the Darling River to the world’s attention with a viral video of the Menindee fish kill.

Kate spoke to Wayne Jansson (@Jansant) about what it’s like to watch a river dying, and the impacts on the people that rely on it.

With the fish kills we’ve had, we really need this natural fish nursery.

Without the river they [Barkindji] can’t pass that culture on, they can’t pass those stories or anything on.

Kate McBride

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