Offering an election-night party with hot models seemed a good strategy for Corangamite, says PUP candidate


By Michelle Primmer

August 15, 2013

Buddy Rojek arrived in Corangamite with quite a splash. The novice politician, running for the Palmer United Party, made front-page news in the Geelong Advertiser on August 13 after he put out a flyer seeking volunteers to hand out how-to-vote cards and promising a “rocking” election-night party featuring hot models.

I had already contacted Buddy for an interview for @nofibs and had tried to tee up a time before the Australian Youth Climate Coalition Corangamite candidates’ forum in Torquay on the evening after the story appeared. As it turned out, he was quite reluctant to chat to me after having been pursued all day by the media wanting comment and he felt he’d been quoted out of context on radio.

Media included PUP candidate to host election party where you might get ‘lucky’, Palmer candidate promises ‘rocking party’, Political wannabe wants to party with young volunteers, PUP candidate promises ‘mingling models’ to recruit election volunteers and Palmer candidate promises party with models.

Eventually, he agreed to let me to tape our interview on the proviso I didn’t release the audio. I agreed.

I began with questions I had prepared prior to the “party” story breaking. He knew I would also ask about the flyer, so I wasn’t trying for a “gotcha” moment.


Q. Why do you want to be a politician?

A. Because I would actually like to help my fellow Australians. I’m an accountant and I am an autodidact. I have been reading since I was three years old. My grandmother taught me to read. I am extremely knowledgeable on all matters. I read constantly, and I’m ashamed of the current politicians. I am embarrassed as an Australian and my friends overseas have to see this. So I was reading the paper and I saw they were looking for people and I thought, ‘I’ll put my hand up,’ and they accepted.

Q. Clive Palmer has said that Palmer United Party candidates would have a conscience vote on same-sex marriage. What would be your position on that?

A. Well, I spoke to DNA magazine, [link to interview] which is a gay magazine, and I said I fully support gay marriage because I believe they’re human beings and it’s not my business to dictate to someone who they should love.

I have seen people who are gay be on the verge of suicide because of pressure from parents or the community so it’s against someone’s human rights to be put through that mental anguish.

Q. Another policy is to abolish fringe benefits tax on entertainment. Isn’t that just a tax break on boozy lunches for business people?

A. I wasn’t around in 1986 [when the FBT legislation was introduced]. I was in grade 6, so I can’t say what happened in those days, but Clive Palmer said at a meeting we had the other week that in the day people would have a lunch and do a lot of business deals so everything was done on the shake of a hand, there wasn’t endless committee meetings. There was just a gentleman’s agreement and business was done. He said there was a lot more innovation and a lot more employment because people were employed in restaurants. Based on his judgment and he said it’s a good idea, so I’ll support that.

Q. The wealth for regions policy seems like a policy to pit Australians against Australians. Don’t the resources of Australia belong to us all, not just those have the riches nearby? Are you championing places like Queensland and WA and forsaking places like Tasmania and Victoria?

A. Based on what he said, the idea being that you have a town like Broken Hill, it has a lot of mines there. If 25% of the tax was allowed to be retained in Broken Hill, then Broken Hill as a community would grow because it would have more resources. The idea being that people who work in that town live in such isolated remote regions of Australia, they would have incentives to work there because they can see their community is going to grow. At the moment everything is getting ripped out of it and redistributed, and I do agree that the resources are all of Australia’s, but the idea being to build communities rather than them being a ghost town.

Buddy Rojek

Buddy Rojek

Q. One of your policies is to abolish the carbon tax, however you do not have an alternate policy to tackle climate change.

A. We are not just abolishing the carbon tax. We are refunding it. I’d like to see what all the other candidates say in two weeks’ time at our convention.

Q. Do you personally believe in climate change?

A. I’ve studied environmental science. I’ve got an A+. I used to pull the pegs out of the ground when developers were building housing developments. I was a young kid. I pulled the pegs out because they were killing my lizards and my frogs and butterflies. So I’m more hard-core greenie than any of these Green people. Based on my understanding of science. I have been reading science books since I was three years old. I love dinosaurs. I don’t think climate change is caused by carbon. I believe it is caused by other factors such as solar cycles, the continental shift, also the urban heat effect where concrete roads and bitumen roads and deforestation of farmland basically allows more energy to be absorbed by earth, and I think we need to investigate that a bit further.

Q. You live in Kyneton. Why are you standing in Corangamite rather than Bendigo?

A. I live in Torquay in now. I was going to go for Bendigo but it was already taken. I have history in Corangamite. I used to live here. I went to Deakin University, I’ve lived in Jan Juc, I’ve lived in Waurn Ponds. I worked in Geelong at Day Neilson accountants, and I still come down here. I’ve got mates here. I go surfing here. I go fishing. I go to the Otway forests. It was the most natural electorate for me.

Q. Are you working at the moment or have you taken leave to campaign?

A. I work for myself. I buy and sell equipment. I’ve got sheep, I sell sheep. I do bookkeeping and self-managed super fund administration.

Q. You have received a lot of attention about this flyer that went around about your party. You seem to be happy about the attention.

A. I love it. Because I’ve got the media to eat of the palm of my hand. I’ve set a honey trap, so to speak. This was a deliberate strategy … I control everything that I say or do based on my social media site and now the intent is to drive everyone to my Palmer United site, my Facebook site, my Twitter account, where all my views are espoused and a journalist can’t misconstrue or play games.

Q. Do you think the media has been fair?

A. No, I’m actually quite sad. I was actually crying the other week. I said to my mate I was shocked. I actually thought the media was the finder of truth. I’m actually quite scared for our country that the media hasn’t [done what I thought they would]

When I came on board I was actually quite naïve. I thought, “I’m going to have the media ask me questions.”  I’m a champion debater and I haven’t had anything. I’ve sent in so many of my policies and nothing was getting published. I was shocked. I basically came up with this strategy because one, I need volunteers and, two, I believe I’m going to win so I want to party and, three, how do I get people motivated to assist me?  Now, being an Australian male, living in this area and understanding what most of the electorate was like, I knew they were into sport. I knew girls are into netball and guys are into football, so I thought how do I get them to go. So I thought, I’ll have a party and get some attractive models to mingle and make the party a bit more of a vibe and make everybody happy and have a good time. That was the intention. It’s got nothing to do with sleaze. It’s all about engaging people in helping and maybe it will encourage people who have never been civic-minded to be more interested in politics. So I think it is a positive.

Q. Do you think implying models will go home with guests is appropriate for a politician?

A. That’s not my business. They’re paid from 6 to 10. After that they’re a free agent to do what they want.

Q. But your invitation seemed to suggest that might happen.

A. Well, I’m not paying for it. I’m not saying they’re prostitutes, they’re models.

Q. I’m not suggesting you’re paying them, but you’re implying that might happen. Do you think that is appropriate?

A. I wrote that specifically to stop boys starting fights. It was to say, ‘behave yourself’, because I didn’t want them to start a fight. It was a bit of a psychological thing. Guys, don’t be idiots and don’t cause trouble, because the girls … you know. It wasn’t like saying you’re gonna pick up. My intention was to stop violence on the night.

Q. Have you heard from Clive Palmer or anyone at party headquarters about the media over the past 24 hours?

A. They just said, ‘What’s going on?’ and I basically explained what I just told you. They said, ‘Okay, as long as you believe it’s done with good intentions then we’ll support you.’ I’ve got honest intentions for why I did it. I’m not a gigolo. I wrote that line to make the boys behave because boys are boys when they drink, and I thought if I say that, they might think a little differently, so it was just a strategy I had.

Q. How will you direct your preferences?

A. Basically we are still deciding that, so I’ve got to wait for our party meeting. I’ve got some of my own personal views at the moment that I’m still mulling over after meeting the other candidates tonight. If there’s anything outside my own personal values, I will be pushing to have that changed. I will be sure of that. I am not a puppet. The party aligns with my values, but as soon as it starts misaligning I’m going to say I’m not happy about it

Q. Who is a politician you admire? Australian or International, past or present.

A. Well, even though Putin gets a lot of bad rap … As a Ukrainian – well, my grandmother is Ukrainian – I follow some Russian and Ukrainian news and what I read in Ukrainian and Russian is a little bit different to what is reported in the western press. So I’m in two minds, but I believe Putin is a strong leader and has improved Russia’s economy. People who have been in mass poverty after the Soviet Union collapsed are actually improving their lives. People back there are telling me things are going good, so I think in light of the conditions that the Soviet Union went through, I think Putin needs a little bit more attention for the positives that have come over there.

Q. We’ve sat here for 11 minutes and I have recorded this. Are you happy with what I have asked you and with what’s been recorded? You have no problems with me publishing something?

A. I’m happy. You can publish it, as long as you’re fair. I’m a good person. I’m not this monster people are saying. I did it with a clear strategy to engage the civic-mindedness of my electorate. I’ve basically been sleeping in my car to live as a homeless person to test the homeless services in this electorate. I’m satisfied with it based on going into town, meeting the people who hang out in disability services area. The reports they’ve told me, so I’m satisfied with that. I’m tired. I’m doing it all on my own. I’m in credit card debt. I’m basically doing it for Australia and hoping that Twitter and Facebook forums will allow people to start engaging with me.

I’ve never used Twitter before but I’m amazed at how good it is as an information source. I can choose who feeds me information. I think Twitter has a bright future, and I think it’s had a reputation as what Kim Kardashian tweets about. But I think it can be an intellectual tool and a civic engagement tool and I think Twitter is the future.

Buddy and I chatted informally for a little while, and then he said he wanted to add something to our interview. He asked me to record the following:

I’m actually quite concerned as a newcomer to politics about how agendas are driven by quite intelligent but manipulative people, and as a politician you feel like you have to go with the agenda that they push. I’ve met so many ordinary Australians who give me a story and I’m starting to realise that the overall issues coming out are not being portrayed in the media, and my insight is that this is why politics is being turned off by the average Australians. They’re not seeing the issues that they care about the most, they’re only seeing the issues that certain strong minorities care about and I think that’s a travesty. People who have got strong wills need to respect democracy by not being so forceful with their views. Our journalists and politicians are being, not herded or bullied, but they feel like they can’t speak out about it and as a result there’s bad policy, so that’s my insight. I think we need to look into that further.

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  1. Wow, 97% of climate scientists agree that global warming is caused by CO2 and Buddy reaches straight for the denier’s manual to come up with this: “I don’t think climate change is caused by carbon. I believe it is caused by other factors such as solar cycles, the continental shift, also the urban heat effect where concrete roads and bitumen roads and reforestation of farmland basically allows more energy to be absorbed by earth, and I think we need to investigate that a bit further.”

    Would it be too much to suggest that burning fossil fuels is part of the problem? No, that would probably upset Clive and we wouldn’t want to do that.

    As for hiring models to attend an election night party … that would be funny on TV’s The Big Bang Theory but in Australia in 2013? On the other hand, it’s the sort of stunt that Abbott would pull as long as the models had sex-appeal but then again, that is the purpose of models, isn’t it? Sleazy!

    • Buddy Rojek, Corangamite Candidate, Palmer United Party says

      You are an idiot

      • Great response from someone wanting the electorate to take him seriously. Your rebuttal of my comments is devastating and I look forward to your repartee in Question Time in the House of Representatives.

      • Buddy Rojek, Corangamite Candidate, Palmer United Party says

        you are a double idiot. no triple idiot read my response above. However I fewel you are getting lost, so here it is:

        I’m actually quite concerned as a newcomer to politics about how agendas are driven by quite intelligent but manipulative people, and as a politician you feel like you have to go with the agenda that they push. I’ve met so many ordinary Australians who give me a story and I’m starting to realise that the overall issues coming out are not being portrayed in the media, and my insight is that this is why politics is being turned off by the average Australians. They’re not seeing the issues that they care about the most, they’re only seeing the issues that certain strong minorities care about and I think that’s a travesty. People who have got strong wills need to respect democracy by not being so forceful with their views. Our journalists and politicians are being, not herded or bullied, but they feel like they can’t speak out about it and as a result there’s bad policy, so that’s my insight. I think we need to look into that further. – See more at:

      • Buddy Rojek, CPA, President, ANZAC United Party says

        I thought it up myself so I could get young boys disinterested in politics to volunteer. It has worked nicely as I have an arm,y of volunteers now, distributing my leaflets . Very cheap and effective. Only people who visit prostitutes see the negativity oin my article. I wad naive when I wrote it that it could be construed that way. That ;) meant maybe pick up a hot girl in her private time, not my money paying her to do tricks. The girls are paid 6-10 to mingle in the crowd with nightclub attire (Not stripper attire) They are akin to Geishas who entertain at the intellectual level first (Talk to Geezers like you) and are also visually appealing. You have revealed your darker side mate. Sicko.

      • Buddy Rojek, Corangamite Candidate, Palmer United Party says

        “Your rebuttal of my comments is devastating”

        Call Lifeline, I hear enough about suicide caused by Labors failed policy.

      • Congratulations, you’ve just been mocked on ABC Breakfast News for your sleazy leaflet. I didn’t realise you were such a media personality. Did you think up that leaflet all by yourself or did Clive suggest it as a media stunt?

  2. Sex appeal. Give generously.

  3. “I can choose who feeds me information.” Yes, but why limit yourself? Your feeder may be dead wrong.

    With big issues such as Climate, you need solid info. Buddy please use check out:
    And twitter feeds:
    And from our own top scientists:

  4. Actually over the past 17 years the evidence is that there is no global warming. Weather changes are due to natural cycles of the earth that have always happened and will always happen. In fact, apparently we are over due for an ice age. Carbon tax is not a solution so Clive will abolish it. The solution is to educate everyone on how to save energy and or best use it and appreciate what we have. And unless everyone on earth did the same thing regarding using energy wisely nothing much is going to change with Australia’s small population vs 7 billion others!! Brian Wilshire from 2GB has pretty good info on all this. Like all the volcano activity world wide just in one day would undo any abstaining burning fossil fuels by us ‘evil’ humans.

    And as a full time carer for 20 years of a severely handicapped adult man I know all about people being driven to suicide by both the Liberal and Labor parties due to their sitting on their hands and throwing us to the dogs. I support PUP as I’m sure not giving any support to Labor or Liberal to continue their abuse and neglect of the disabled, the aged and the carers. Palmer is giving the people a choice now. But I fear the people may be too tired and disorientated by all the half truths from the career politicians to really know who to trust.

    I look forward to any PUP candidate repartee in Question Time in the House of Representatives as they will be grass root, genuine representatives of the Australian people who will actually show their real feelings and sensitivity to people’s plights and situations brought on by the inactivity of Liberal and Labor towards Australia’s most vulnerable.

    Good interview, Buddy.

  5. Buddy Rojek, Corangamite Candidate, Palmer United Party says

    I made a Paypal Donation to Australians for Honest Politics. So should you!

    • Which one was that?,the independent media web site or Tony Abbotts slush fund?.Please explain.

      • Buddy Rojek. ANZAC United Party says

        To the organisation that reported what I said . You know that quaint idea: Truth

      • Kim Wright says

        But Buddy if you are going to talk about truth and you mention that you are quite learned in regards to science, how can you have such an uneducated view of Climate Change. It worries me greatly and even more so that your mate Sam Davies sites 2GB as his source of information in regards to this issue. I myself prefer the research conducted by 97% of worldwide scientists that dispute your theories. Have you read the most recent report? If you are a man of intellect as you say, you will read this report and more and reassess your opinion. These scientists have devoted their lives and careers to develop their understanding of Climate Change. 2GB reporters on the other hand have not., nor have you or Sam.

  6. Buddy Rojek, Corangamite Candidate, Palmer United Party says

    Michelle Primmer. Correction: “reforestation of farmland” should be deeforestation of farmland, you must have misheard. The exposed ground gets warmer, absorbs more heat and this affects climate. A forrest cools the ground so when you have winter, and the seas are warm, the ground is cool causing condensation and rain. This is why trees are important for rain. Th middle east is barren due to goats ringbarking everything. Maybe the Garden of Eden is a reference to the forrests of Iraq etc?

  7. Sam Davis that is a tired lie put out by deniers.
    The world’s 13 warmest years on record have all occurred in the past 15 years.

    Last year was among the 10 warmest years on record (State of the Climate report released online by the American Meteorological Society (AMS)). The peer-reviewed report, with scientists from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center was compiled by 384 scientists from 52 countries.

    There are natural cycles, sure, but overall warming continues due to our atmospheric alteration.
    As for volcanoes – humans emit over a 100 times more CO2 than volcanoes each year. When Iceland’s volcano grounded flights the overall CO2 emission rate went down.

    Labor does care for carers! Julia Gillard set up the huge National Disability Scheme which is being rolled out now, see:

    • Hi, Jane. I read with interest the links re climate change, thanks, and also your own comment stating that Iceland’s volcano caused an overall lowering of emission rate of CO2 during that time. So from what I’ve read volcanic eruptions cause the lowering of CO2 and a cooling of the earth. So if humans emit more CO2 [still can’t see how that is possible] than volcanos the combined human and volcano activity would cause global cooling. Volcanos’ emissions of CO2 are essential to plant life. Conclusion: No global warming caused by humans. It has only been recently that scientists have started admitting that the past 17 years has shown the earth not to be warming. Give it another five years and 97% will not be agreeing with global warming.

      It must also be noted that while some of the hottest years have been recorded the past decade it must also be noted that some of the coldest winters in history have been felt world wide. It snowed in Iran for the first time in it’s history and China has had some of the worst winters it has known.

      Thanks again for the info. It has reinforced what the cat out of the bag is starting to meow about.

      Your comment re the NDIS shows you are not a carer or disabled person. I read the strategy some months ago before all the hype and noted it would make little or no difference to many with disabilities. Reason being there are already ‘packages’ available to individuals to tailor make their care plan. The NDIS is just an excuse to take more money from the battling Aussie and make anyone who complains about it seem like a heartless person who doesn’t care about the disabled. The NDIS is apparently experimental. What a joke. Similar schemes are already working. Extra money and availability should be put into these schemes. Also note that the NDIS was announced in the shaky term of the Gillard government to make her look concerned and win votes in the regions that the NDIS will be first tried out. And one would have to be a fool to believe that such a scheme is a caring one if it is going into full effect in 2018! Many like my severely disabled friend needed it now. Again, I’ve been a full time carer for 20 years and have not only my own horrific stories to tell over the so called government concern for the disabled and the aged, but also the countless stories of other carers. I only comment on things that I’ve experienced or read up on, or have heard about first hand from those in the know. I am insulted by the NDIS as it is down right vote buying and nothing else. Carers like me save the tax payer nearly 41 billion dollars annually. Over 20 years I’ve personally saved the tax payer 18 million dollars but I am still left begging for the smallest and most basic needs. Labor and Liberal do not give a toss. Leopards do not change their spots.

      • Buddy Rojek, CPA, President, ANZAC United Party says

        “The NDIS is just an excuse to take more money from the battling Aussie and make anyone who complains about it seem like a heartless person who doesn’t care about the disabled” This is my concern also. I need to take more time to read the legislation as I am worried it could be a rort for some people. I have noted Labor policies tend to do this, a rort sugar coated to prevent debate.

        And regarding disabled people I invited a whole bunch of disabled people to my party, as they deserve to have fun too. Now I have the disabled networks helping me. I treat them as people, not see the disability. Go down to Belmont where they regularly hang out at the coffee shop. Ask them!

  8. I’m sorry Sam Davies, but you are wrong. Those are denialists’ myths.
    They are myth-busted here:

    The current volcanic activity is what is relevant. A Super Volcano would change everything. If this happens we won’t be on the internet arguing – end of story!

    OVERALL warming continues. There is a difference between weather and climate, just as weather is like your blood-pressure as it varies throughout the day, but the overall trend to high readings is the danger.
    Changes have produced weird weather of both hot and cold, but the averages and anomalies are trending to hotter.

    The fundamental physics is well understood:

    Oceans play a huge role, which are often ignored by the Old School Deniers, usually coming out of last century’s mining-based geology class.
    Earth is definitely warming, only some refuse to look at the vast amount of scientific data since last century.

    I can’t and won’t comment further on the NDIS as haven’t looked into deeply this. Just wish you the best.

    • Buddy Rojek, CPA, President, ANZAC United Party says

      How come I have recorded the coldest 2 years in Kyneton on my farm for the last 30 years? While Melbourne has been the warmest. Would not have nothing to do with the concrete jungle and asphalt roads making the are warm up?

      • There would be a clue in the term ‘global warming’. As opposed to local temperature. Also, a cold winter has to be balanced out by an increased summer temperature.

    • Thanks for your best wishes, Jane.
      I’ll not be saying too much more about CO2 until I’ve done more research into it. AND some months from now I am quite prepared to write a small piece on the issue and publish it to one of my websites; even with illustrations. Till then it’s going to be another couple of ugly and exhausting months dealing with the public health system’s determination to stuff up my and my friend’s life!!

  9. I was quite impressed by the PUP candidate for Tangney who actually took the time to engage with commenters on this forum and discuss his ideas, unlike the other candidates for Tangney. You, however, have destroyed that impression of the PUP through simply abusing people who disagree with you. What sort of representative would you make when your sole reaction to differing viewpoints seems to be to abuse people? I shudder to think. And, then, to make a joke about suicide? Really, I can’t believe any political party would endorse you.

    Oh, and being an autodidact does not necessarily give one critical thinking skills. If, however, you really believe CO2 has nothing to do with global warming, you should immediately write your findings up, submit them to Nature, and await your automatic Nobel Prize. Which you will surely receive for disproving basic physics.

    • Buddy Rojek, CPA, President, ANZAC United Party says

      Well I am an independent now so I can do what I want. Speak the truth and my mind.

    • Buddy Rojek, CPA, President, ANZAC United Party says

      Question, why can’t you use your real name and have some integrity, instead of hiding behind a moniker. I have the courage to run, and put up with dirt being flown at me. Very brave person you are!

      • You haven’t been speaking your mind already? I’m amazed. Why do you believe I don’t have any integrity? Is that just more of your personal abuse?

  10. Perhaps Buddy isn’t ready for politics. From Buddy’s last post on his Facebook, which seems to have been deleted, I saw that he was very upset over a couple of very personal shattering issues and until he finds personal peace he’s not going to be much use to anyone no matter how much he wants to be. Believe me, Buddy was not making light of the suicide issue. He’s been hearing the suicide horror stories and like most people didn’t handle it well. I expect to see a handful of the 150 PUP candidates not conducting themselves appropriately. After all, it happens occasionally even with the long standing career politicians. Buddy didn’t exactly start off on the right foot sadly. So remain impressed by the PUP candidate for Tangney.

    Clive Palmer can get Australia out of the ever expanding sink hole. He was made president of the World Economic Counsel by the World Leadership Alliance where he’s joint Secretary General and has access to over 90 ex world leaders from 60 countries. He’ll be releasing PUP policies and how they will be funded or activated on the 25th of August.

    And regarding the whole CO2 debate it will become clearer over the next five years. I personally will be doing research that I’ve not had much opportunity to indulge in like I have wanted. I just can’t get my head around the fact that when volcanoes spew the temperatures drop and the plants are in heaven. So the story regarding us human volcanoes has to be addressed.

    • Buddy Rojek, CPA, President, ANZAC United Party says

      Oh I am ready and everything has been carefully written to achieved my objectives. Wait to you read my book I am writing. You will be surprised ;)

      That Facebook post was a thinly veiled threat that I am coming for the pedophiles at the highest level of Government. I scared them. That was the main reason why I was dis-endorsed. This was referenced by Jim – MacAnally as the reason people were upset with. I have literally scared the crap out of people!

  11. Buddy is no longer on the PUP candidate listing.

    • Thank you Sam. I appreciate you letting us know.

      • Buddy Rojek, CPA, President, ANZAC United Party says

        I have spoken to AEC and I am on the Ballet with PUP, but I am effectively an Independent now. I still will be following PUP policies but I will preference Libs over Greens until Greens become a true Greeny Party ( I am a Greeny) instead of a backdoor Socialist Alliance party ( I have mates in the Greens who admit this).

        Still in the race :)

      • Kim Wright says

        Do you reckon Sam could be Clive?

  12. Buddy Rojek, CPA, President, ANZAC United Party says

    Can we please get rid of a carbon tax. Farmers are bleeding so heavily from the electricity and energy cost blowout that they are contemplating selling to the Chinese and walking away while they can ( I have talked to many whilst campaigning) Not to mention the humble Pizza shop owner with electric ovens having to raise his prices! And regarding water, we have had the wettest year on record in catchment areas with the Murray now ready to burst banks. If we dug out reservoirs in the Murray when it was dry we would have plenty of water to reduce water prices and food costs. We are increasing cost of living due to failed policy. – See more at:

    • Buddy many blame Carbon tax for costs which are not actually due to carbon tax. Effects are exaggerated by those of rival political colours, as it makes for a good putdown. And, naturally, we all hate paying tax don’t we?

      The real cost of an average pizza goes up by less than a tenth of a cent because of the carbon tax. That means you would need to order 10 pizzas, just to be charged one whole cent extra. Electricity costs hurting a small business are more likely due to the state government’s higher charges linked to over-investing on lines or “gold plating”.

      Farmers are mostly conservatives and rarely support initiatives from a left-wing party. The true reasons they are leaving the land is not the carbon tax at all. Farmers, such as grain growers, have been leaving the land in droves over the last two decades due to aging, their children being unwilling to takeover (usually educated for city careers), the increasingly large holdings needed for profit with less manpower, and the warming climate challenges.

      Grain farmers in WA are suffering under climate change. Crop after crop of failures due to increasing dryness in areas of the wheatbelt led to increased borrowings to pay for failed sowing, year after year. The banks don’t want to keep lending. The bigger you are the harder you fall when you have a huge acreage to cover. There have also been overseas issues – wheat markets have been temporarily flooded by grain hoardings from India.

      Our high Aussie dollar far exceeds any possible ill-effects of carbon tax on farmers. Why is it so high? The mining industry of course…but mining has enough clout in the CBD and the newspapers not to headline this!

      You should aim your sights on the duopoloy of Woolies & Coles who favour Chinese and other foreign imports over locally grown. It’s cheaper to import thanks to again to our high dollar – not the carbon tax!

  13. Immediate removal of the Carbon tax is one of the main policies of the PUP. And under a PUP government the money already stolen from the people will be refunded from the date it was introduced. The fact that farmers are bleeding is one of the reasons for doing away with such a tax. And lets be honest, the way Labor has been throwing tens of millions of dollar over seas in aid and so forth any Carbon tax is not going to saving the environment! It is just another tax to ‘look’ good in the eyes of the world. Carbon tax only increases the cost of living and angers further battling Aussies.

    I’m a little confused to why you’ll be giving preferences to the Libs over the Greens. I read through the article you linked to and what the Green said was similar to the PUP has as policies like the asylum seeker situation. During the campaign many have asked PUP about who we’re referencing and have said if we gave our preferences to Liberal or Labor they’d not even consider voting for PUP. So I can assume if you tell people you’re giving your preferences to Libs you will be met with the same response. Many just do not want either of the two main parties. Libs and Labor are not greenies so why back liberal if your so greenie yourself!!! Making no sense to me, Buddy.