The Huw Kingston vs Angus Taylor debate that never was: @margokingston1 #HumeVotes #podcast

Huw Kingston (@Huw4Hume) the Independent candidate for the NSW electorate of Hume spoke with No Fibs founder Margo Kingston (@margokingston1) in a podcast that covered his campaign and touched briefly on a largely absent Angus Taylor, who since the Watergate scandal went public has largely avoided community forums, except for the meet-the-candidates event hosted by the Goulburn Chamber of Commerce.

To have [Angus Taylor] have a security presence at a community forum, and to put black plastic across the windows so that the media couldn’t film, is pretty worrying for a strong democracy like Australia.

Huw Kingston

Would have really been nice to have had a debate, open floor, with Angus there.

Huw Kingston

When sharing how this experience has improved his connection with his community, Huw retold a story in the podcast about when he called a shopping centre owner for permission to set up a stall, only to spend that hour on the phone, as the owner had been worried about climate change since he was in Finland in 1987. A week later, Huw met this gentleman in person, who then went on to donate a truck (below) to Huw’s campaign — because he believed in Huw and that climate change needed to be addressed.

Margo and Huw also discussed how he, along with other independent candidates from around the country, called for a formal inquiry into the Watergate scandal.

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