They call me Bob – Follow the mystery trail on the LNP candidate for #StaffordVotes: @Qldaah #qldpol

#QLDPOL WEEKLYBob Andersen has been selected as the Liberal National Party (LNP) candidate in the by-election for the Queensland electorate of Stafford. However, as it turns out, “Bob” is really “Jared”.

As Premier Campbell Newman announced the LNP candidate, psychologist Bob Andersen for the Stafford by-election, Twitter commentators in #qldpol began to ask questions.

Familiar to all as a fierce LNP supporter, why had he deleted his Twitter account, @Bob_Andersen?

Why did he create a new @Bob4Stafford account, only to suddenly delete it late this afternoon?

Tweeps dug deeper still.

Linked in detailed the experience and training of the registered psychologist known as Bob Andersen, working at Metro South Hospital in the “addiction and mental health services and private practice” area.

If he was registered, he should appear at the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). However, a search showed a “Mr Jared John Andersen” as the only Queensland psychologist with the surname.

"Bob" Andersen created and quickly deleted his @Bob4Stafford Twitter account.

“Bob” Andersen created and quickly deleted his @Bob4Stafford Twitter account.

How could Bob Andersen be presented to the media as a registered psychologist if he wasn’t appearing on the register?

A quick check of the Electoral Commission of Queensland’s disclosure returns for the LNP showed a match for a “Mr Jared Andersen” on the paged marked “Page 2 of 23”. He’d paid a pre-selection nomination fee of $1,000.00 on October, 6, 2008.

The AHPRA registration number of PSY0000957554 for Mr Jared John Andersen matched the Linked-In information for Bob Andersen of PSY0000957554.

How could two people have the same AHPRA registration number?

An Australian Business Number (ABN) search on the name “Andersen, Jared John” revealed the answer. “Bob Andersen” is a “trading name”. He is not a registered psychologist but the man behind that name, Jared Andersen, is.

Is it being honest, open and accountable to go into the by-election without full disclosure?

An ABN search shows Jared John Andersen has a trading name of "Bob Andersen".

An ABN search shows Jared John Andersen has a trading name of “Bob Andersen”.

Could a man with multiple personalities be the one behind the multitude of anonymous LNP supporting Twitter accounts that inhabit #qldpol?

Many more questions remain, perhaps electoral ones.

You can follow for #StaffordVotes at the NoFibs by-election blog.

This piece was made possible with the help of @piedtyper888, @SaucepanMan1968, @badHealthqld and @YaThinkN.

(June 11, 2014) Update 1 – Jared Andersen to run as “Bob” Andersen

Jared John Andersen has told radio @NewsTalk4BC,“I go by Bob as a preferred name.”

The LNP candidate has told broadcaster, Ben Davis, that he will continue to run in the by-election as Bob Andersen.

“[Jared] is the name my parents gave me, I went by it until I was 18, but at uni my mate’s nicknamed me Bob and it really stuck like glue.”

Davis put it to Andersen that the nickname may cause confusion in the electorate.

“When it came to run for parliament, I just didn’t see how it would be viable to run as anything other than Bob, that is what everyone knows me as.”

“Obviously when you do something like a licence or something formal like that, you need to do it with your real name, but when I did that with the board, I also sent them an email that I go by Bob as a preferred name, so that they would know the situation.”

Andersen also denies he is behind pro-LNP anonymous Twitter accounts.

“I do not, and never have, operated a fake Twitter account.”

You can listen to the full interview here; “What’s in a name?”

(June 14, 2014) Update 2 – Signage confirmed as “Bob”

Out and about.  The LNP team confirm Jared John Anderson is running on signage as “Bob” Andersen.

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  1. and the fun begins, newman and his cronies will do anything to anyone (as we found out with Dr Chris Davis – His true name) to win the next election…bring it on

  2. joy cooper says

    He does sound like he is an ideal LNP candidate. A man of many faces or personae. Dearie me. Questions, questions, questions.

    Top article David.

  3. So people can’t have a second name they go by? Gee what is this world coming to when all you can report on the stafford election is someone’s name.

    • Ummmm….it’s called integrity…..

    • joy cooper says

      Plain & simply, it is all about integrity. A quality which seems to be sadly in many LNP candidates these days. Why Bob? It doesn’t appear to be a nickname. He apparently has two other perfectly good names to use neither of which is Robert. If this doesn’t ring alarm bells with you then that is a concern.

      There also appears to be some mystery about his alleged qualifications.

      • Evelyn Harding says

        Hahaha ‘alleged qualification’ ummm they don’t just give away psychologist degrees at Uni! Take it from me as I’m completing my PHD in psychology you have to work for your degree. He is a registered psychologist there is no alleged qualification.

    • Have as any names as you like, but if you campaign as “Bob”, don’t expect “Jared” to get a lot of votes…all of which suggests to me that the LNP aren’t serious about winning Stafford. This Qlder, whatever his name, is in trouble already.

  4. At least I will vote for someone who lives in my election, who cares if they go by two names it’s not uncommon. Unlike Dr Lynham who does not work in the electorate nor does he live in the electorate

    • The Premier doesn’t live in his electorate either.

    • If that’s what’s important to you, Hanna, then good luck to you. I wonder, though, if you could explain to me what is so crucial about an MP’s home and work address? Especially since they won’t be doing their day job anymore if they get into parliament?

    • I agree Hanna, I’m voting for someone who lives and works in my electorate, not some Dr who earns over $250 000 a year and can’t even relate to me as a single mum of two children.

      • <


        With 2 sons you would be voting for the Labor doctor.

        After all he is the one who has been fighting newmans LNP on the issue of drunken violence.

        He is the one who has been repairing sons and daughters faces and bodies.

      • Marcus James says

        Exactly the Dr should stay and keep doing his job because he is very goot at it. Why should he stop working and fixing people and be an MP???? I think we could benifit more from his services if he stays as Dr.

      • <

        @Marcus James

        The newman LNP gang do not listen to Doctors …. that's why this by-election is taking place.

        Now Dr Lynham will now be able to work within parliament to reduce newman's LNP dependence on liquor industry donations.

    • Hanna, and others unaware…

      Dr Lynham’s family moved to Stafford – he DOES live in your electorate.

      Mr Bob/Jared Andersen does NOT live inside Stafford electorate.

      Video: Newman on radio show making mistake of stressing where Lynham lived

  5. Why the hell would a psychologist need a ‘Trading Name’? Not like he is a celebrity or a bloody rock star? This sort of sounds dodgy to me?

    • I’m a psychologist and have a trading name, I need to have it for private practice. Ever psychologist I know who works privately has a registered traiding name.

      • <


        "not some Dr who earns over $250 000 a year"

        No shortage of envy there "Leonie".

        Why don't you get some professional help for that ?

  6. It seems the only job he has ever had has been dealing with men assaulting each other in jail, pretty grim

    • <


      Perfect qualifications for being a member of the LNP.

      Probably uses tips for dealing with the daily assaults from the newman gang.

  7. anthony fairburn says

  8. I suppose it really was only a matter of time before the LNP pre-selected a business…

  9. Is dishonesty amongst the LNP an innate or learnt behaviour?

  10. Laurie Forde says

    So LNP is outsourcing it’s candidates now. Voters think theyre getting a person, but in reality elcct a registered business.
    Ultimate privatisation.

  11. John Stannard says

    So we can be asked to vote for a trading name?
    Voting for Dick Smith, David Jones and Harvey Norman next.

  12. Denis Kerr says

    Why can’t the loonies from the left understand that a person dealing in mental health issues has a trading name. In these days of fanatical members of society and serious mental issues prevailing, I can understand why a practitioner dealing with these issues, would need to protect his family.

    • <

      @Denis Kerr

      I can understand it.

      I see the newman LNP in action every day.

      All Queenslanders should be able to hide from them.

    • Susan Fisher says

      I agree with you Dennis Kerr, I would use a traiding name too if u was in his situation. I would want to protect my family, especially all the mental patients he worked with in jail and hospitals.

      • Steve Bone says

        that’s really getting away from the point. I have been a mental health clinician for 30 years and use my real name. What you are saying is just perpetuating the stereotype the people mental mental illness are nasty or evil and you have to protect your family from them. I’d rather protect my family from you.

  13. Well I have made my decision on who I am voting for on July 19 I just went down to one of the LNP people on the footpath and asked the question what has this bob got offer Stafford then the person phone went off as a text and he was more interested in answer the message than asking my question . If this is our you run you supporters I am voting LABOr

  14. Pigs Fly Backwards says

    For those supporting a trading name as security for mental health clinicians… do you really think changing your first name ONLY will throw people off the scent? FFS use your brain!

  15. I’ve campaigned at elections since the late 80’s, and never seen the behaviour exhibited by Bob/Jarad Anderson and his campaigners before. Deliberately breaking council by laws, refusing to speak to people outside their team, harassment and disrespect to other party campaigners, as well as the joke shop wigs, and performance in local candidates forums. Part of the huge swing must come down to the behaviour of the candidate and his electrol team in Stafford.