#AusVotes Day 32 – Coalition launches Scott Morrison: @qldaah #qldpol

May 12, 2019 – Table of contents

Mystery over Peter Dutton leaving the Queensland police service

Bill Shorten rallies in Melbourne

Coalition launches Scott Morrison


Mystery over Peter Dutton leaving the Queensland police service

At the 2001 federal election, Cheryl Kernot was the member for Dickson. A fresh Liberal Party candidate by the name of Peter Dutton appeared to challenge her. Ms Kernot was repeatedly questioned by the media over her living arrangements, that of renting in the electorate while having a home on the Gold Coast. When she suggested the media investigate the living arrangements of her opponent and why he suddenly left the Queensland police service she was met with hostility from the then Prime Minister John Howard.

Now, eighteen years later, a journalist has researched why Mr Dutton left the police service. Jackson Gothe-Snape reported, “He “resigned from the Queensland Police Service on 30 July 1999 due to the fact his confidence in driving was low”.” Divided by politics but united by trauma.

Ms Kernot responded to NoFibs over the story.

Fast forward to 2019, Mr Dutton recently attacked his opponent, Ali France, for not living in the electorate and accused her of using her disability as an excuse.

Ali France says she is not surprised by Peter Dutton’s comment given the NDIS under the Coalition.

This weekend, Ms France posted that she was campaigning with Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. Premier Palaszczuk has long been a champion of disability rights.


Bill Shorten rallies in Melbourne

Opposition leader Bill Shorten was in Melbourne today to rally the troops and pledge $15 billion over fifteen years for the Melbourne suburban rail project.

Bill Shorten pledges $15b over fifteen for the Melbourne suburban rail project.

Richard Willingham reported, “Prime Minister Scott Morrison is promising to spend $4 billion on Melbourne’s shelved East West Link road project, even though the state Labor Government has ruled out its construction.” Federal election campaign enters final week as Morrison, Shorten pledge East West Link and rail loop funds.

The Labor leader diverted from his speech to reference Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, and his historical comments about African gangs descending upon Melbournians as they ate.


Coalition launches Scott Morrison

A lacklustre event presented to mostly empty seats defined the Coalition’s official launch in Melbourne today.

Despite the low numbers, the Coalition was selective in whom it allowed close to the stage.

The focus from the Coalition was on launching Prime Minister Scott Morrison in a quasi-presidential style and repetition of the mundane slogan based safety warnings on the dangers of electing a Labor government.

However, PM Morrison did announce a policy to help first home buyers. David Crowe reported, “Prime Minister Scott Morrison has outlined a major plan to help younger Australians buy their first homes in an election campaign launch that triggered a response within hours when Labor vowed to match the policy.” Morrison targets first home buyers in new scheme to lower deposit requirement.

Jenny Morrison spoke emphatically about her husband’s love of the Cronulla Sharks rugby league team.

Scott Morrison pledges first home buyer guarantee of $125k – $200k at Coalition launch.

The event ended with hugs and praise.

There was cake.

An unusual moment saw cattle walk in slo-mo across the big screen.

Anti-Adani campaigners were present but none broke through security ranks.

Tony Wright noted, “Scott Morrison promised his Liberal Party campaign launch would be free of hoopla, and by crikey, he delivered.” The PM promised a campaign launch free of hoopla, and by crikey, he delivered.

In a quirk of camera reflection, Senator Michaelia Cash appeared in a prism.

The Coalition used lighting to hide empty seats.

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