Independent Adam Blakester (@adamblakester) is running in, Barnaby Joyce's National seat of New England.
Climate change and water are a huge issues (and intrinsically linked) in the seat as evidenced by the recent NSW election result.
Former Member Tony Windsor recently said on Twitter: "@adamblakester is a very decent,caring and forward thinking man with a real capacity to work with community to solve issues and channel energy. He has strong views on governance in business,community groups and government. New England is fortunate to have a person of this calibre."

8.5% margin vs IND
Area: 66,394 sq km
Location: North East NSW
Australian Electoral Commission seat profile
Division of New England on Wikipedia
Adam Blakester: website
Adam Blakester the Independent running against Barnaby Joyce with @CharliCaruso #podcast #IndependentsDay #NewEnglandVotes @Barnaby_Joyce

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