No Fibs tribute to Indi democracy by @geeksrulz

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  1. Yeah ha! – soapy mirrorball is no more

  2. Quite astounding how many people across Australia are pleased to see Mirabella dumped.

  3. I too am satisfied that Ms Mirabella is gone. Whenever she appeared on TV she was always insufferably rude to others always talking over people in a loud antagonistc tone of voice. All I ask is that she doesn’t keep getting rolled out for ‘political’ comment, in particular on the ABC which seems to me to be the soap box for has been Liberals. I have not forgotten her standing in front of the Ditch the Bitch placard or maybe the Brown’s Bitch one with that smarmy look all over her face. If she’s getting it hard now with crude and nasty comments, family or no family, all I can say is what goes around comes around. Wear it.

  4. Congratulations and Efharisto to Cathy McGowan and my old Uni colleague, Phil Haines and Voice for Indi team for great victory.

  5. Helen Haines says

    Thanks Margot and team for this wonderful montage. Fantastic record of the wonderful Indi.

  6. J.Fraser was astounded at the reaction this has had outside Indi but this has just been the match that his awaken anyone who cares about our country and who have have had a gut full of being treated like village idiots. Now that the fire has been lit one can only hope more and more fuel is added to the fire. This has certainly given me hope for the future.