#ausvotes #kidsdebate on climate, internships, invasion and treaty, gender pay gap – @takvera

Photo by Tiina Hufton (@Thufton ) /twitter

Photo by Tiina Hufton (@Thufton ) /twitter

Some probing questions asked by youth reporters live with Barnaby Joyce Nationals Member for New England, Greens Senator Larissa Waters and Labor’s Amanda Rishworth MP at a debate organised by Crinkling News, a new weekly newspaper for youth in Australia

Our youth are the next generation of voters and their concerns need to be listened to and and answered. The questions were entertaining, probing and refreshing and the debate far more edgy than the leaders debate between Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten or the National Press Club Environment Debate between Greg Hunt and Mark Butler.

Maybe we need to have more kids debates and ensure their voices are heard?

The debate starts about 6 minutes into the facebook video and lasts about 49 minutes:

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