Helen Haines, optimistic about tomorrow: @margokingston1 #IndiVotes #podcast

Independent candidate for Indi Helen Haines. Photo: supplied

Margo Kingston (@margokingston1) catches up with Independent candidate Helen Haines (@HelenHaines1) while on the road in the Victorian electorate of Indi for the final No Fibs #IndependentsDay podcast before the federal election.

They discuss Helen’s recent panel appearance on ABC’s QandA, and how it appeared to spook the opposition. As Margo notes, a couple of days after it aired Scott Morrison paid an unscheduled visit to Wangaratta.

Helen and the Voices for Indi team are up against large budgets, with full-page wraparounds appearing in Indi newspaper during the last campaign days; non-stop letter-boxing, and an unprecedented number of misleading claims.

They’ve been called out actually with their negative campaigning, through those orange leaflets they have distributed through the letterbox with no Liberal branding, that you’d need a microscope to see who it was from, and a lot of people in Indi were very cross about that. I think it was foolish to do it, and of course the National Party followed suit, and this ludicrous pamphlet really looked like a Labor Party pamphlet, calling on people voting Labor to put the Nationals’ candidate number two, trying to steal preferences from me.

Helen Haines

Dirty tricks, deceptive materials, win-at-any-cost antics from parties, it’s eroding our democracy. I’m one of many independents committed to the first order of business if we are elected, to do something about that in terms of an integrity commission, we really need one if we value our democracy in Australia.

Helen Haines

It’s such a shame that we can’t have a good honest, fair debate based on policy.

Helen Haines

Famous for all the right reasons now, the people of Indi could once again take charge of their own destiny, as they have done once before, and continue to inspire the nation.

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