Lib #IndiVotes @SteveForIndi hides political Facebook posts after winning preselection: @jansant reports

According to regular social media observers, Liberal candidate for the Victorian electorate of Indi Steve Martin set his Facebook page to private shortly after winning preselection.

Martin’s Facebook account appears to have been dormant for a very long time. This seems odd for a person of Martin’s age, so No Fibs recently posed several questions to him.

No Fibs: Why do you appear to have no social media foot print and the only active accounts are linked to your campaign?

I don’t have any others. I didn’t even have Facebook until about five or six years ago.

Steve Martin

No Fibs: So your campaign accounts are your first active social media accounts?

I do have a personal Facebook page which is personal and I have a campaign page, but I’ve not been a big social media user over the course of my life.

Steve Martin

This statement has been disputed. No Fibs has been contacted by social media users claiming Martin was a very active Facebook user who engaged in political debate and often published posts regarding his political opinions.

One source who disputes Martin’s claim provided No Fibs with a photo of a post made in September, 2017 about the same-sex marriage debate and added, “Martin’s Facebook account was public until just after he won preselection and he was actively engaged in political debate”.

Why are Steve Martin’s real political views ‘personal’ when he is asking the people of Indi to vote for him as their representative in Canberra?

What other far-right ultra-conservative views is Liberal Steve Martin hiding from the voters in Indi?

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