Queensland media freaks out over #qldvotes election speculation – @Qldaah #qldpol

Tensions high in #qldpol as Labor and LNP launch Twitter election missiles.

Queensland media freaks out over #qldvotes election speculation - @Qldaah #qldpol

The Queensland media has today reacted to antics in parliament and in #qldpol by speculating that a snap Queensland election is imminent. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk began the morning session by listing her government’s achievements.

“My government keeps its commitments from Coolangatta to Cape York and the Torres Strait. Before the election we made 553 commitments to the people of Queensland. The progress report I table today shows that in office we had delivered 484 or 87 per cent of those commitments by 30 June this year,” she said before tabling the paper, Progress report on government election commitments, June 2017.

MPs followed her with a succession of ministerial speeches which were entered into Hansard as, Palaszczuk Labor Government, Achievements fueling election speculation.

The LNP Twitter account fired the first shot into #qldpol but it was a fizzer. It failed to get much attention, most likely because it appeared as a dark grey image.

Minutes later, the attack ad response from the Queensland Labor Twitter account did get the media’s attention as a salvo hit Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls.

Mr Nicholls reacted about thirty minutes later claiming a nasty campaign had begun.

The LNP Twitter account then fired upon Labor.

Date speculation and barbs began to flow from MPs and party supporters.

However, the Queensland Governor was nonchalantly going about official business in the House.

Brisbane Times journalist Felicity Caldwell pointed out the earliest possible election date.

“If Ms Palaszczuk went to the see the governor next week, a minimum 26-day  campaign would set the election date at Saturday, September 9. A maximum 56-day campaign would put the next election in October. Ms Palaszczuk has repeatedly said the election was due next year,” she wrote.

Premier Palaszczuk also informed the House that she would be away from Brisbane this weekend and the following week whilst traveling to Mt Isa, the electorate of Mirani, Townsville and Kingaroy.

In May, NoFibs reported on probable election timing.

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