Rod Bower’s journey from church signs to Senate candidate: @CharliCaruso #AusVotes #podcast

NSW Senate candidate for Independents for Climate Action Now (ICAN), Rod Bower (@FrBower) is a husband, father, grandfather, author of Outspoken and — until recently — an Anglican priest in Gosford, at a church where he made his signs so famous.

Charlie Caruso spoke with Rod about his decision to run for the NSW Senate seat, and why he chose to stand with a party of Independents who are committed to delivering effective, evidence-based policies to address the climate emergency.

Becoming a grandfather gave Rod an entirely new lens through which he saw the world and his role in it. Despite more than 27 years working for and with the local community — in both his role within the church and board roles as an advocate for a number of social justice and human rights issues — over time it became clearer that making the kind of impact he desired would require a transition into parliament.

People are looking for authentic visionary leadership that changes culture and delivers an outcome that is going to create a world in which our grandchildren can flourish.

Rod Bower

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How to vote for Rod Bower in the NSW Senate? [How to Vote card]

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  1. Andrew Mitchell says

    Loved this one Charlie. Keep up the good work.