Strap in for #IndependentsDay ride: @margokingston1 progress report #KingstonReports

The starter’s gun is about to go off, so I thought I’d let you know who we are, where we’re at and how you can help.

The mission

No Fibs is back to support and report the campaigns of quality independents standing in safe Coalition seats who are committed to strong action on climate change and honest politics reforms.

The candidates we back so far

Check out the array of indie candidates throwing their caps in the ring. Do you live in one of these electorates? If so, are you interested in helping No Fibs report their campaigns?


Can you help us by chipping in so that we can pay the bills while we bring you this nationwide coverage? If so, please head to our fundraising page, where all donations are welcome.

The management team

@margokingston1: That’s me, the editor (the buck-stops-with-me person), a podcast interviewer, and a reporter of the @RobOakeshott1 campaign to beat the Nationals in #CowperVotes. Access all my stories via #KingstonReports.

@geeksrulz: Tony runs, upgrades and troubleshoots the website and social media accounts.

@burgewords: Michael liaises with writers, sub-edits and publishes their work. He’s on the ground in #NewEnglandVotes and will help report that crucial seat.

@jansant: Wayne is our chief reporter. He will focus on #IndiVotes and keep an eye on #MalleeVotes, #FarrerVotes and #NichollsVotes. He’s also a backup to Mike when we get super busy.

@charlicaruso: Charlie produces the No Fibs podcast, creating interviews on policy and process. She writes our millennial #Ausvotes column, #smashingavocado.

The columnists

@Qldaah: David has forensically chronicled Queensland politics for No Fibs for many years. He will write a Queensland blog called #Qgame so you’ve got all the action quick in this crucial state.

@MakeMayoMatter: Rebekha writes a regular #ViewFromTheCrossbench column to give us a better understanding on the role and importance of Independents in our Parliament.

@adropex: Lesley is a long time No Fibs contributor who will write a column called #ActiveDemocracy. She’ll also contribute to our #IndiVotes coverage.

@takvera: John, Another long-time No Fibs contributor specialising in the politics of climate change, will write our #ClimateElection column.

@jackthelad1947: John, a long-time writer on climate change, is based in Cairns and will write a column on the Great Barrier Reef called #TheReefReport.

The website

Have a look at the revamped No Fibs website on your computer or laptop. It looks beautiful IMO, and we’ve got lots of new features and categories designed to showcase the #IndependentsDay project, including sections for each seat we are reporting.

How you can help

  • Keep the Twitter news feed in the seat where you live up-to-— several tweeps have already volunteered. See this thread and sign on for your seat! This way we can follow the seats we are interested in and spread the word when developments need a wider audience. Please copy me or a member of the team in when something important or newsworthy happens in your seat. I encourage tweeps to tweet photos and words about the on-the-ground action.
  • If you are a volunteer, write for No Fibs about why you got involved and the experience. If you are observing the campaign, live tweet events and send us reports on campaign launches, debates and the like.

So, we’re ready to go. Let’s do this!

The @NoFibs #IndependentsDay Twitter mission at #ausvotes: @margokingston1 comments

#IndependentsDay candidates list

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