Atmosphere of Hope: Tim Flannery on #climate engineering at #MWF15 – @takvera

Professors Clive Hamilton and Tim Flannery on the morality, necessity and possibilities of engineering the climate by carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies. A Melbourne Writers Festival event, Saturday 29 August 2015. I attended the discussion between Professors Clive Hamilton and Tim Flannery at the Melbourne Writers workshop on Saturday morning. Climate change has been a […]

Thousands rally worldwide to demand action on #PeoplesClimate: @takvera reports from Melbourne march

A beautiful spring day brought out the crowds to attend the Peoples Climate Melbourne rally. But a hum had been in the air that this was going to draw a large crowd. As it turns out, over 30,000 people turned up and marched from the State Library of Victoria to the Treasury Gardens through Melbourne’s […]