1. Jan Carroll says

    Love your rants Noely. I have written a whole lot of satirical war skits but never know what to do with them. My thoughts are exactly the same as yours – I think we should all laugh out loud when they mention the word War. The minute that word is mentioned everyone goes – yep, silent. As if war is some god we should not antagonise – well crap to that. I just wish every soldier would ask Why instead of being instantly obedient – but then they are trained to be instantly obedient and just go and kill someone or get killed. Yeah, war – love it! It’s a gift for the media and likes of Murdoch – look at all the pictures, yay.

  2. Well Noely if we didn’t laugh we’d cry or look to slashing our wrists. I’m with you on the tranche thing, it’s a financial term, don’t know when it crossed over, or why, except perhaps to make the gov’ment look more intelligent, which lets face is not possible.

    My take on the members of IS or ISIL or whatever their latest incarnation is that they are merely a group of very sick puppies, I’m not even sure if the young man from Western Sydney had any idea what he was joining when he told his parents he was going fishing, nor did he have any realistic of the outcome of his actions.

    But on the other hand, there are plenty more sick puppies attached to the evangelicals, all in the name of god. You’d just wish they’d have a meeting and decide to lets their various gods sort it all out without involving all us peace loving sods who are thoroughly sick of the whole business.

    I refuse to call them terrorists, from my perspective they all have mental health issues. I’m also not sure when we officially declared WAR on anyone since Menzies in 1949.

  3. Oh, and I notice that the war on women (Nova Peris) continues unabated