So who is threatening our democracy?

Is that the truth or did you read it in The Daily Telegraph?

Daily Telegraph Front Page 19 March 2013

Daily Telegraph Front Page 19 March 2013

Daily Telegraph Front Page March 13, 2013

Daily Telegraph Front Page March 13, 2013

Daily Telegraph Front Page 18 March 2013

Daily Telegraph Front Page 18 March 2013

Is that the truth or did you read it in The Daily Telegraph?

Media release

The Hon. Greg Combet AM MP – Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Minister for Industry and Innovation;
18 March 2013

The Daily Telegraph has this morning published a misleading and slanted report on the impact of the carbon price on the Australian economy.

The newspaper’s suggestion that the carbon price is causing an economic “catastrophe” is more in keeping with Tony Abbott’s hysterical political scare campaign than with factual and balanced reporting.

It is completely at odds with the facts.

The Daily Telegraph story even contradicts itself, acknowledging that experts say it is the high Australian dollar and not the carbon price which is the main factor behind the pressures on manufacturing industry.

The carbon price has been in place for almost nine months and Australia’s economy is growing at one of the fastest paces in the developed world.

Since the start of the carbon price on 1 July last year:

  • 133,500 extra jobs have been created – more than 20 every hour since carbon pricing started;
  • 118,546 new companies have been registered – more than 20 every hour;
  • Company share prices have grown strongly with the S&P/ASX 200 index up 25 per cent;
  • The economy grew at an annual rate of 3.1 per cent in the year to December;
  • Australia has retained one of the lowest unemployment rates in the developed world, at 5.4 per cent.

The Daily Telegraph says a “record” 10,632 companies collapsed in the 12 months to 1 March 2013 due to carbon pricing.

What they don’t tell their readers is that during the same 12 months, 186,583 new companies were registered, according to Australian Securities and Investment Commission figures.

Furthermore, the number of companies quoted by the Daily Telegraph as collapsing over the 12 months to 1 March 2013 was lower than the number going into external administration during the preceding 12 months to 1 March 2012, before the carbon price started.

The Gillard Labor Government is acutely conscious of the pressures on parts of Australian manufacturing which are due to the high value of the dollar and intense competition on world markets.

That is why we have announced the $1 billion Plan for Australian Jobs which will deliver more work for local firms on major projects and stronger protection for manufacturers from goods being unfairly dumped into Australia by foreign producers.

It is why we have a $5.4 billion New Car Plan to support the automotive manufacturing industry – a plan which Tony Abbott would slash by $1.5 billion.

And it is why the Government is using $1 billion in carbon price revenue to assist manufacturers to reduce energy costs and become more competitive by investing in energy efficient equipment.

Screen shot of the Sunday Telegraph's article published March 17, 2013.

Screen shot of the Sunday Telegraph’s article published March 17, 2013.

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  1. I despair…..truth is losing the battle due to powerful self interested groups and individuals promoting lies for their own benefit.

  2. Fantastic piece. Thanks for publishing.

  3. Ana Milosevic says

    I read it in the Daily Telegraph, so it’s obviously NOT TRUTH.

  4. Joy Cooper says

    It absolutely sickens me seeing what one megalomaniacal old geezer living in New York can do to this fine country of Australia. He stopped living here in 1974 so he cannot call Oz home. Howard change the rules so that Rupert could regain his Australian citizenship which he so blithely tossed away to enable him to do business in the US. He has no feelings at all for this country & its people so he doesn’t give a damn how awful things will become for us with a Coalition government. It’s all about money, power & puppetry.

    Fortunately, Murdoch has not received one cent from me. Ever. Have never bought any of his crappy papers or magazines. Now I have installed the Chrome extension Murdoch Blocker, I won’t get attacked by the HeraldSun, Australian, Daily Telegraph, CourierMail articles which happen to be in Google News.

    A pox on all his houses!!

  5. What really gets me is that the populous is so brainwashed that they are frightened the government wishes to control all content in MSM,yet they are quite happy to allow one individual,Murdoch,do what they are paranoid about.Am I missing something here.

  6. Lets just make Rupert the Media Watchdog… oh hang on he already is..