#murdochmafia climate change denial: @ekidna1 and @DrRimmer on countering @rupertmurdoch propaganda

[clear] In Australia, there has been a fierce debate over media reporting of climate change, particularly by the Murdoch media empire. In a recent interview in 2014 with Sky News, Rupert Murdoch, the chief executive officer of News Corporation and 21st Century Fox, maintained: ‘We should approach climate change with great scepticism.’ He commented: Climate […]

Sssshhhh, don’t tell the media, but politics is changing from the ground-up, by @ariadne_syd

Ariadne Vromen, @ariadne_syd Source: The Conversation University of Sydney 21st March 2014 Political participation in Australia will soon be about hope – and the transformation of citizenship engagement in this country. Here is why. Traditionally, Australian political participation was centred on, and supported by, the electoral system, political parties and major political organisations. Most media commentators tend […]

The naked truth? Journalism today by @ALeighMP

Margo: A veteran journo friend recently recommended I read a lengthy 2012 speech by Labor MP Andrew Leigh about political journalism, where it’s at and why. Enjoy.   The Truth, Naked By Andrew Leigh Source: www.andrewleigh.com 1 August 2012 At the end of 1992, a team of us got together at Sydney University to run for […]