Rebekha Sharkie (@MakeMayoMatter) of Centre Alliance (then Nick Xenophon Team) won the seat of Mayo in 2016 when she defeated her former boss, Jamie Briggs.
Sharkie resigned from Parliament due to eligibility issues after a High Court ruling went against Labor's Katy Gallagher.
At the 2018 by-election that followed, Sharkie defeated a member of Australia's most (in)famous political dynasties, Georgina Downer.
Downer is again contesting the seat and has already made headlines after handing the recipients of a government grant a huge cheque with her name on it, at a ceremony the current Member was excluded from.

15.06% margin vs Lib
Area: 9,135 sq km
Location: South East of Adelaide
Australian Electoral Commission seat profile
Division of Mayo on Wikipedia

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